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Academic Excellence

We have the opportunity to blend the timeless and proven aspects of our academic platform with new and innovative methods of thinking, teaching, and learning. By reimagining the ways in which we can utilize our physical spaces, we can create learning environments that serve the changing needs of the School. Furthermore, we can support the development of interdisciplinary experiences that stretch the parameters of education through new courses that invite today’s world into our classrooms.


  • enhance our STEM offerings in areas like robotics, engineering, and computer science, while we provide enriching interdisciplinary experiences and deepen our commitment to the humanities and the arts.

  • develop a global education program by launching curriculum-based immersion experiences for students and faculty.

  • create invaluable, real-world service learning initiatives for our students, and explore ways Hopkins can have a stronger footprint in New Haven.

Personal & Community Wellness

Supporting the emotional, social, and physical well-being of our students and adults is paramount as we work to cultivate a healthy and balanced community. Our goal is to affirm and advance a climate that inspires people to flourish, and each member of our community plays a part in this endeavor. Through the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff, we will ensure that our students feel connected, known, and supported.


  • deliver in-depth adviser training that focuses on helping students make healthy decisions, develop sound character and moral integrity, and achieve balance in their lives at Hopkins and beyond.

  • develop and launch a six-year comprehensive wellness plan that includes a developmentally appropriate and sequenced health curriculum.

  • broaden our approach to mental health and learning support by more efficiently identifying students in need and more effectively implementing meaningful evidence-based interventions.

  • expand the staff and programming in our Office of Equity and Community to promote diversity initiatives, community enrichment, and personal growth.

Programmatic Depth & Balance

In many respects, the physical spaces that support our programs have the power to impact the quality of the overall experience. Academically, we plan to advance our offerings in robotics, computer science, engineering and interdisciplinary learning. Yet, our classrooms and labs are already strained by our current offerings and cannot accommodate this vision. The arts and athletics, which provide an essential balance that we celebrate and value, have out-grown their respective spaces as well.


  • raise funds to build a new theater that supports the performing arts by providing a safe, modern space for the program to flourish.

  • raise funds to build a new maker space and flexible classrooms, to support our STEM initiatives and project-based learning experiences.

  • raise funds to build a fitness and wellness space that fits the needs of our student body, supports the development of our student-athletes, and enhances our commitment to health and wellness in our community.

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