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Student Access & Affordability

At the heart of this strategic plan is an effort to enhance socioeconomic diversity at Hopkins, while celebrating a geographic representation that is unmatched by any day school in the state. Simply put, we need to provide the opportunity for more qualified students to attend Hopkins who do not otherwise have the financial means.


  • increase our financial aid resources so we can attract, retain and support talented students at Hopkins.

  • continue to invest in Pathfinder and other “reach and readiness” programs designed to access and enrich under-represented students from the greater New Haven area. 

  • continue our analysis of demographic research and trends to ensure the continuation of our success in current markets and to strategically expand into new markets — when and where appropriate.

Faculty & Staff Support & Development

Hopkins envisions teachers as lifelong learners who are supported in, and celebrated for, their dedication to providing students with the very best of educational experiences. Hopkins is committed to recruiting and retaining great teachers, supporting their professional development opportunities in traditional and innovative systems, and providing them with a framework for professional growth. We believe inspired teachers inspire students.

  • establish Hopkins as a leader in faculty and staff compensation among peer schools, while maintaining competitive benefits for all employees to ensure our ability to recruit and retain top talent.

  • expand our methods of recruiting, hiring, and supporting faculty and staff of color by restructuring our hiring practices and building strategic alliances with local and national organizations.

  • design and implement a faculty development model that focuses on inquiry, accountability, collaboration, and feedback.


Internal & External Engagement

Within our Hopkins community, we aim to enhance alumni/ae and parent involvement in the life of the School and in the lives of our students. Combining the knowledge and talents of alumni/ae and parents with the curiosity and passion of our students will result in a community characterized by lifelong learning, mentoring, and commitment to Hopkins and its mission. Externally, we strive to establish deeper connections in our greater New Haven community.


  • connect alumni/ae with one another and link alumni/ae with current students by enhancing existing mentoring, internship, affinity group and networking opportunities.

  • develop robust engagement opportunities for parents that enable them to connect more deeply with the School and each other. This work will be led by our new Director of Parent Engagement.

  • strengthen Hopkins’ partnerships and relationships with the City of New Haven under the direction of our new Director of Community Engagement.

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