A Strategic Plan for Sustained Excellence

A Strategic Plan for Sustained Excellence

Hopkins School occupies a distinctive place in American education. For a school to have survived and thrived since 1660 is no small thing. It merits observation and even celebration — especially at this moment, our 360th anniversary year. But simultaneously we, at Hopkins, must both glance back and leap forward. During this banner year, we are proud to launch Hopkins 360, a strategic plan that honors our rich history and cherished traditions, and focuses our energy and attention on the challenges that will define our vibrant present and shape our promising future. Hopkins 360 will deepen our commitment to diversity, deliver a model of academic excellence with programmatic and personal balance, and strengthen the sustainability and equilibrium of our financial model.

Our plan will support our community and innovate our programs. Through these two priorities, we will focus on six main objectives. Click below to explore our plan.


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